Our Story

When a skincare aficionado and a chemist-slash-CEO, who just so happen to be lifelong buddies, team up, magic in the form of solution-led, squeaky-clean, and cruelty-free skincare happens!

Okay, let's talk about the great equaliser—sweat. It's like the VIP of bodily functions, totally normal and (cue confetti) a sign of good health! So why the hush-hush and awkward dance around it?

Enter Skoop, where we're not just passionate about skincare, but we're practically throwing a party in the name of sweat talk. Our dynamic duo got fired up to create products that not only do the job but also give you that extra swagger when dealing with sweat.

And here's the grand philosophy: Skoop isn't just about skincare; it's a movement. We're on a mission to make talking about personal needs as normal as deciding what to binge-watch on a Friday night. Embrace the sweat, and let's have a chit-chat about it, shall we?

Clare and Hannah spill the beans, "Skoop is like our love child, born out of a burning desire to create purpose-driven products that kick-start conversations about those oh-so-taboo subjects. No gender bias here. We're tackling the universal body battle: sweating," says Clare.

Hannah further adds, "The origin story of Skoop really started when we were teens. I'd been on holiday in Bali where my thighs decided to host a friction party. The pain? Oh, it's the stuff of legends. That's when the light bulb flickered on. "Even at that tender age, I felt the shame-tinged discomfort. While we didn't know it at the time, divulging to Clare about my sweaty, chafing revelation, Skoop was born, ready to make shame a thing of the past!"

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